Aldershot Mobility Hub Concept V2

Aldershot Mobility Hub V2 concept - Aldershot Grand Development

Principles at work:
1) Require the density to expand entertainment opportunities.
2) Create continuous pedestrian spaces (shown in brown) and continuous biking spaces (show in black).
3) Black path is a 10 foot wide biking path with two 5 foot lanes in each direction.
4) Keep high buildings away from existing developments.
5) Provide ample surface parking for vibrant business so all users can access areas.
6) Create pedestrian squares with space for restaurant patios and city functions. (These areas to be owned by city.)

Add large public square with large flat water feature.
Freeze in winter for skating area.

Notes on: Official Plan Review: Intensification Policy Directions Report

Date to Council: July 18, 2016

This feedback was sent to Burlington City Council on Official Plan proposed by Burlington staff. The changes were approved by council.

Staff have outlined a greyer, congested, amenity-less future with ever closer transition into a high density slum area. Not one single rule or suggestion addresses the current problem with the intensification pattern. High quality commercial space is being removed and not replaced locally. Green space, open space and large trees are being removed wholesale. The vibrancy of the communities affected is worse not better. A pattern of driving to north to all amenities of living is being entrenched. When I moved Aldershot I could walk to a pizza place, hardware store, department store - all now gone and more importantly no

Is the design of the city so bad that real road sharing isn't possible?

This was published by Burlington Gazette on September 23rd, 2016:

Having run for the office of Regional Chair in the last municipal election I’ll tell you the best part of an election campaign is talking to people. You get a really good idea of who is engaging with the municipal government and what they are on about. For the purpose of understanding the points of view here I’m going to grotesquely lump people into two camps; the “car” faction and the “bike” faction.

The car faction focuses on the incredible cost of housing, property tax and commute time they expend every day to live in Burlington. Commute time is adding to already full

Response on proposal to remove character provisions from Plains Road South.

I am against the proposed plan to remove character and density restrictions from the
zoning of Plains Road South (Cooke to Filmandale Road) at this time.

Unfortunate facts:
- Street is less green than ever.
- Street has less to do in it than ever.
- Street has more congestion than ever.

Though the Province has mandated population density increases they certainly
did not mandate the transformation of Aldershot into a high density mess. Aldershot
is not just an “intensification dumping ground.” Placing an endless number of small
inflexible living spaces in Aldershot with no other amenities meets intensification
density targets at the expense of our community. This proposed change is nothing,
but an attempt to rezone an area for the sole purpose of jamming

Open Letter Regarding Omissions at March 24th Plains Road Meeting.

On March 24th city staff held a meeting to discuss possible zoning changes to a large section of Plains Road. The area discussed was on the South side of Plains Road positioned East of Water Down Road. Later residents discovered a developer is already advertising to sell 75 condo units at 40-58 Plains Road East in violation of current zoning regulations.

Though it was casually mentioned the city had been “approached” by a developer; no indication was given that a specific plan was in motion. This leaves the distinct impression that this meeting was in bad faith. It seems like the purpose of the meeting was only to say the public was “consulted” on an issue staff already had a plan to change. At minimum the staff could have indicated that if the zoning was changed they would

Stop worrying about the Green Belt and start saving us.

The Burlington Gazette Reported on this letter here

Though I am in favour of development and smart growth - that is not what is under way in Burlington. We are embarked in the stupidest type of growth seen yet. Let's review the last several years in Aldershot:

    Does the street look slightly nicer with newer buildings - yes.
    Trees - less.
    Businesses open at 7:00 pm - less.
    Places for people to work and shop - less.
    Dependency on cars - more.
    Congestion - more.

The result is a kind of “bimbo” street that looks slightly nicer, but is

Plains Rd - March 24 Meeting to Rezone Plains Road South - Response by Tom Muir

The Burlington Gazette Reported on this letter here

From: Tom Muir
Sent: March-24-15 1:26:02 PM
To: Rincon, Hugo (hugo.rincon@burlington.ca)
Cc: Craven, Rick (rick.craven@burlington.ca)

Thanks again. I guess there isn't a rush on this item. However, I would like to provide some initial comments, but will give more details and thoughts on the questions you asked the public to address at a later date when I have more time.

In reading the material you provided, I must say my initial reaction is one of concern.

The proposed revision has long been, historically, one of the biggest fears of Aldershot people - policy and wording revisions that can lead to wholesale block-busting and creeping destruction of a prime